Our Facebook Competition

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We are just about to launch a Facebook competition for ‘Same Again’

Below are a few terms and condidtions.

This competition shall run from 3/3/16 to 10/3/16.

To enter you must submit a screen shot of your winning score via message to our Facebook page before close of competition.

To win you must have entered the competition and be listed at the top of the ‘Game Center’ score board ‘High Score’ at competition close.

For every ‘Like’ the competition post receives the prize fund shall increment by 50p. However the Winners Prize payout shall be calculated accordingly:

G=Number of players listed in Game Center
L=Number of Likes
P=Winners Prize payout

P = (G/L * 100) ≤ (L/2)

This is so people don’t go and by Post Likes and one entry person so we don’t get spammed every two minutes.

Good Luck to all.

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